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Monkeys are they for you?

We've all seen Friends; the hit sitcom where Ross owns a small monkey. We've all seen the cartoon of Curious George, the monkey that gets into constant mischief. What you probably haven't seen, or noticed for that matter, is that more and more people have seen these references and wanted a monkey of their own. It's true! Monkeys are becoming the new pet fad of today. Did you know that "baby monkeys for adoption" is a keyword that receives several hundred searches a day? Well, if you're considering buying a pet monkey, there are a few things you may want to consider.

First of all, do you have the finances required to maintain a monkey? Monkeys require specialty food that isn't always easy to find. Also, monkeys often require diapers since they are very difficult to potty train. The cost of the monkey itself can range anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars and the pet insurance for monkeys can often be very expensive. Make sure, if you're thinking of buying a monkey, that you have the monkey in your budget.

People often forget that monkeys can't be treated like people. Just because they are similar to humans in body shape and physical behaviors, doesn't mean they have the same mental capacity as humans. In fact there are several things that make monkeys very challenging as pets. For example, they sometimes try to establish dominance with children and small adults. Secondly, they can be very moody and depending on their mood, they will act differently towards their owners.

Another thing to consider is whether you want to commit to this animal for its entire lifetime. It's not fair for the monkey if you want it now and a year later decide it doesn't fit in with your lifestyle so you give it up to a shelter. Make sure you indeed will stay with it for the entire duration of its life. A monkey takes years to adapt to its life with you and even longer if you force it to adapt to a new family a couple years into its life.

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Monkeys as Pets

Baby monkeys are cute, cuddly and owning one can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, but like their human counterparts they can turn into troublesome adults. There are a few things you need to be aware of before you take the plunge and purchase a monkey and take it home:

- Commitment. Monkeys can live upwards of 30 and 40 years and need ongong attention. While you can babysit them out from time to time you need to be aware that they are not going to grow up, get a job and move into their own place!! In short, they need attention and lots of it otherwise they can develop behavior issues.

- Adjustment. Some monkeys do not take well to other family members. It can be a competition for your attention and sometimes they can get upset. Some monkeys also do not take well if they have to move to a new home. They have bonded with the previous owner and it can be tough for them to change.

- Cost. Yes they are small but they can certainly punch you hard in the wallet. Some require special diets and housing. Medical bills can also add up as it is difficult to find a vet who specialises in them.

- Legalities. Some countries and states do not allow monkeys to be kept as pets. You will need to check with your local authorities first before handing over your cash and buying one. You also need to be aware that others may want to sue you if your monkey attacks them and causes damage - this has happened before.

- Diseases. A number of diseases can be passed from monkeys to humans. You need to make sure you are comfortable with the risks that this can pose.

- Aggression. They are wild animals and will always be. No amount of human interaction will take this away. They are known to turn on their owners and draw blood through biting and clawing.

- The Mess. They cannot be toilet trained and nappies can be difficult for older ones. If you get a Monkey be prepared for the faeces and urine problems. They have also been known to tear a house apart (books, plants, cupboards, couches etc). They can be quite destructive and no amount of training can prevent it.

- Housing. Monkeys need a large secure enclosure. They need to spend lots of time outdoors and with other monkeys. Keeping them inside 100% of the time is not practical.

So as you can see there is a lot to think about. While lots of people have enjoyed their monkey pets, many more have realised it was a bad mistake. Before you rush into buying make sure you spend some time with someone who currently has one. You will see first hand how they behave and more importantly how you behave! Good Luck!

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Funny Monkey

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