Sunday, January 25, 2009

Adopt a Monkey

Lee Stewart is on a monkey-saving mission in Africa – and has appealed to YEP readers for help.Lee, from Harrogate, manages a Born Free sanctuary in Malawi, which takes in sick or injured or orphaned animals and prepares them to be released back into the wild.

Many of the monkeys Born Free takes in have been orphaned after poachers snatched their parents, either through the illegal bushmeat trade or to sell them on as pets, again on the black market.

Lee and the Born Free Foundation have teamed up with Kellogg's to run an Adopt a Monkey scheme, which, for the price of three packets of cereal, will see a monkey looked after for six months.

Lee, based at the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, said: "Where possible the animals, once rehabilitated and ready, are either returned to the wild or to our wilderness zone.

"Those that cannot be released will be cared for the rest of their lives at the centre. We have the chance here of becoming financially self-supporting, and not reliant on international funding long term.

Kellogg's Adopt a Monkey campaign will really help us with that, so please support it."

Animal lovers can adopt their monkey by collecting three special packs of Kellogg's cereal then visiting
The Born Free Foundation has its roots in the classic 1960s film Born Free.

The picture told the story of George and Joy Adamson's fight to return Elsa the lioness to the wild.

Actors Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna were so moved by the tale they were inspired to launch the foundation.


  1. i think that this is a goodd idea to give all those monkeys some love and its also sponsering keloges

  2. The promotion is a scam: