Friday, December 30, 2011

Monkey Breeders | fake?

In todays modern world there is a sad growing trend of online fraud. As was the case of yesteryear snake oil charmers the problem has seemed not to dissappear but instead rear its ugly head in yet another form "Online". Yes ladies and gentleman the 'scammers' know no boudaries. It has come to my attention that there has been and sadly currently is a group of people who pose themselves as 'monkey breeders' however are not in fact monkey breeders at all.

Be warned and stay vigilint, these fake monkey breeders do not and will not send you a monkey untill they have recieved 'deposit' money from unsuspecting people. There is a difference between these fake scammers and real monkey breeders.

Real monkey breeders have a USDA licence and can be checked with online. The real monkey breeders welcome you to see the monkey before deciding if you want it as a pet or not. The real monkey breeders will also guage how will you would care for the monkey and how serious you are to keep it. A good monkey breeder shares the same animal loving passion as you do, even more so.
It can be quite difficult to find real monkey breeders so there is an electronic e-book available online that you can buy for $20.00 but will have a short list of credible monkey breeders.

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